Plant GEM Istanbul 2011

The Plant Genomics European Meeting (Plant GEM) meets global challenges.
The 9th Plant GEM will take place from May 04th till 07th 2011 in Istanbul, Turkey, Europe.

Plant Genomics and related fields of research will become central to addressing the key challenges of the 21st century:

  • To feed an ever increasing world population
  • To address an increasing demand for energy and commodities
  • To adapt crop plants to more extreme weather conditions due to global climate change
  • To protect crop plants against abiotic and biotic stresses .


The 9th Plant GEM in Istanbul offers a program that addresses all important facets of these challenges.

9th PlantGEM 2011 Istanbul TurkeyThe 9th Plant GEM program changes the focus towards the application of Plant Genomics and related fields of research towards addressing global challenges.

Latest developments in plant genomics research are advancing at an ever increasing speed, particularly the new generation sequencing methods. However, it will be absolutely necessary and essential to combine not only the research addressing biologic questions. There is no doubt that broader fields of research will have to be combined. Questions of climate research must be synchronized with plant research. Questions of soil, root, water, plants and their interactions shall and will become an integral part of plant genomics and plant research .

We invite you to attend the 9th Plant GEM in Istanbul, Turkey, from May 04th till 07th 2011. Be there and contribute toward solving global challenges of the 21st century.

Dear Colleagues,

It is our great pleasure to invite you to attend the 9th Plant Genomics European Meeting (PGEM), which will be held in Istanbul Point Barbaros Hotel between May 4-7, 2011.

Istanbul is one of the world's most beautiful and splendid cities. It is founded on the two continents of Asia and Europe, which makes Istanbul a mosaic of the unique flavours of East and West. Over its long history, Istanbul has hosted many different civilizations, making the city a magical place where people from different religions and cultures gather and live in harmony. During to its strategic location at the crossroads of two continents, Istanbul is one of the few cities to have been a world capital from past to present - most recently as European Capital of Culture 2010.

The organizers of PGEM 2011 look forward to having companies associated with all aspects of plant molecular biology and genetics involved in the Meeting as a sponsors, delegates, and/or exhibitors.

The aim of this meeting is to promote and develop cutting edge research into fields that are of pressing agricultural importance. It will be the platform for researchers from Europe and all over the world to discuss latest developments and to exchange new ideas for future projects and to improve cooperation. For the Istanbul meeting, we are expecting around 400 prestigious scientists from around the world and there will be many selected top level scientists as speakers.

We believe that the PGEM 2011 Meeting will be beneficial to all; the participants, sponsors, and exhibitors. The success of the meeting will be ensured with your kind contributions. We are looking forward to welcoming you to the exciting city of Istanbul on May 2011.

With Best Regards,
Hikmet Budak, PhD
Chair of PGEM 2011 and PGEM Program Board Member
Sabanci University


The program of the 9th Plant GEM will include:

  • an Integrative Science Session
  • Genomics of Plant Resources
  • Predictive breeding/ Bioinformatics
  • Yield Improvement and Stability
  • Plant Biotechnology
  • Epigenetics
  • Applied Agri Genomics
  • Plant Phenotyping
  • Structural and Functional Genomics